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Create scalable NLP models on top of RASA

Botgen is a NLP platform built on top of RASA NLU and helping chatbot developers to accelerate the creation of their NLP models, better manage their training data and improve maintenance.


Build scalable NLP models for your chatbots

Botgen is a platform for chatbot builder willing to scale the training of their NLP models and create proprietary assets based on open-source technologies

Botgen for Chatbot Developers

Improve the natural language processing capabilities of your chatbots by scaling your development workflow

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Botgen for Digital Agencies

Accelerate the training of your customer chatbots, simplify your project management and create modular NLP assets

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Botgen forĀ Entreprises

Keep your data private, host your models on premise and create proprietary assets based on open-source

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For Chatbot Developers

Scale your training workflow improve your chatbot quality

For Digital Agencies

Accelerate your chatbot development create modular assets

For Entreprise

Create proprietary assets based on open-source

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